Some singing, some writing, some acting, and some playing. Here is a general reel to get a sense of me and my work!



0:00​ West Village Eve by Harley Seger

0:20​ New Girl

0:54​ Home from Beetlejuice

1:15​ Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

1:47​ Requiem from Dear Evan Hansen

2:11​ One Sweet Love by Sara Bareilles

2:33​ Unreal

2:56​ Red Light Kisses by Lake Street Dive

'lil bit of Everything Reel

Musical Theatre Reel


0:03 "Home" from Beetlejuice the Musical

0:50 "When He See's Me" Waitress the Musical 

1:24 "Requiem" Dear Evan Hansen

2:00 "Shopping Around" Wish You Were Here

2:23 "Me and the Sky" Come from Away

3:01 "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" By Tom Lehrer 

3:30 "Waiting for this Moment" Tarzan the Musical 

Acting Reel


0:03 New Girl

0:26 Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

1:02 Unreal

1:34 New Girl

2:05 Unreal

2:26 Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 8.58.24 PM.png

Voice Over

Commercial Reel


Voice Over Reel - Harley Seger

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