I am thrilled and pumped and all the other good feelings I can feel about finally sharing my debut single "Innocent Flower" with the world! 

You can give it a listen or two on all major platforms by clicking right HERE!

In William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Lady Macbeth advises Macbeth to “look like an innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.” She is encouraging him to appear safe and play the welcoming host to the king so that no one will suspect his true intention. In the case of my song, “Innocent Flower,” it is an internal battle and the fight against the demons in our own minds. Our strong and powerful brains appear as a welcoming home but can lead us into destruction if we allow it. This song was written when I felt at war with myself. My brain took me to dark and toxic places during time set aside for processing, reflection, and healing. It’s vulnerable to open up about mental and inner struggles, but the lyrics of this song felt like they wrote themselves and brought me so much clarity and joy along the way.


Many thanks to the incredible people who made this happen:


Producer: Daniel Santiago

Mix Engineer: Alexander Nielsen

Mastering Engineer: Benjamin Fox

Piano: Michael Mastroianni

Bass: Jack Schwenke

Guitar: Marty Venturo

Saxophone: Shelbie Rassler

I am a long time singer/songwriter

(I am from Nashville, so we all knew this was inevitable). I even got an emphasis in it while studying at Boston Conservatory. I would describe my style as folk/pop with nods to jazz and occasionally country (again, Nashville, y'all).


Songwriting has been a fulfilling and necessary outlet where I can process the state of our world, my relationships, and the ongoing roller coaster of daily life. I have themes of writing about feminism, social justice, human dynamics, and sometimes love.

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Summer 2020!


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